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Living Young

Inspiring Our Tomorrow, Today.

© Michael Lees

© Michael Lees

Our Aim

Change is the end result of all true learning

~ Leo Buscaglia

Honouring Dominica as the youngest island in the Caribbean by educating our youth on and fostering a sense of respect for the many resources she has to offer us. 

Our Projects


© Michael Lees

Dominica Environmental Education Program (DEEP)

It is the mission of DEEP to cultivate quality environmental education programs to be implemented into the school system. These programs will provide hands-on, engaging field experiences, increase local knowledge through multiple field trips, raise awareness of local, regional, and global environmental issues as well as encourage students to create innovative solutions to an issue of choice. The mission of DEEP is to also go beyond the classroom and improve the environmental awareness and practices of all locals including, but not limited to, business personnel, agriculturalists, and educators.  It is the aim of DEEP to build sound environmental practices at all ages and education levels to combat the current environmental issues at hand.

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