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Help Protect The Nature Isle

It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.

~ Mother Teresa

The Caribbean Islands are at the forefront of the battle against Climate Change.  With the predictions of more severe storms and drought periods, it is imperative to protect our natural resources to secure our future.

Your generous donation will help:

Protect Nature


Dominica is the last hope for several regional species. Your donation will  help us monitor threatened species and protect critical habitat. Our way of life revolves around our natural resources


Safeguard Livelihoods

Our way of life revolves around our natural resources.  By safeguarding these resources, we are ensuring a future for our people.  Your donations could also help us employ locals thereby encouraging the participation of Dominicans in conservation.

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Build Capacity

All our projects involve training locals in the field of conservation.  We believe that the best way to conserve our environment is through the education and cooperation of our people.  Your donation could fund training activities and the equipment needed for field activities.

Donate Now

Click the button below for online payments.  If you would like to make it monthly payment to continue supporting our work, please tick the monthly payment box on the new webpage.

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Or mail your donation to:

WildDominique Inc.

Attn: Treasurer

P.O. Box 145

Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica 00152

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